our Priorities:

Social and educational Value of European Cultural heritage, its contribution to job creation, economic, growth and social cohesion
Extending and developing the competences of educators and other personnel who support adult learners



The project “COMM.ON HERITAGE. Community Manager for Inclusive Development of Vulnerable Areas based On Heritage is based on the role that cultural heritage can play in contributing to social inclusion and economic growth in specific context: mountain, (semi-)peripheral and rural areas. These areas are vulnerable due to the demographic, social and economic changes that they are facing. Cultural heritage offers opportunities, but the marginality of the areas prevents the community to benefit from them. These areas need specific competences (merging heritage expertise, community building skills, business modelling, design thinking, new media and social networks, system thinking) aimed at mobilizing community members to make use of their common resources and promoting cultural heritage focusing on the community and with a dynamic approach. In this view, heritage is understood as a catalyst not a barrier, and especially valued for its contribution to the social innovation process for its creative and innovative capacity, identity and attractiveness generation capacity, and catalysation capacity.

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Today diversity is often considered as a problem and many communities tend to reinforce borders and barriers in front of possible changes, in order to protect the traditional cultural heritage.


To create economic development opportunities, giving value to cultural heritage

To renew motivation of local communities, promoting participation and entrepreneurial approach

To promote inclusive local development, enhancing social and cultural diversity


The Community Manager is a new term to describe a new professional role that contributes in redefining several approaches connected with community and territorial development and it raises the issue of leadership at several levels: