1st Transnational Meeting in Malta

The 1st Transnational Meeting in Malta took place on 29th, 30th, and 31st January 2020. Paola Heritage Foundation hosted the meeting and representatives from all partner organisations met to decide on the project’s next steps.

The meeting objectives were to decide on the dissemination and training activities and the development of the project outputs which are:

Guide addressed to Community Managers

Community Heritage GeoTrail in vulnerable areas

Innovating Cultural Heritage Toolkit

Collaborative Digital Platform.

All partners have committed to the project and the importance of teamworking. During the meeting, management, financial, and organization issues were also discussed. The action plan for the next months was also decided. 

2nd Transnational Meeting in Greece

The 2nd  Transnational Meeting in Greece took place digitally on 9th February 2021. KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities hosted the meeting and representatives from all partner organizations had the opportunity to  learn about the Local Experiences of the Lassithi Plateau. The topics presented  at the meeting  by local actors in the local community, as well as scientists and artists from the field of culture. Below you can find the lectors and the presentations they made:

Stavros Milionis, President of KEAN

Giannis Stefanakis, Mayor of Lassithi Plateau

Dimitris Plevrakis, General Secretary of the Municipality of Lassithi Plateau presented “Τhe windmills of the Lassithi Plateau in the intangible cultural heritage of Greece”

Manolis Chronakis, President of the Cultural Association of Psychros “Xenios Zeus” presented “The work of the Association Xenios Zeus in culture”

Despina Xatzaki, President of Woman Association REA of Lassithi Plateau presented “How the REA women’s association contributes to the dissemination of cultural heritage”

Roido Mitoula, teacher in the department Economy and Sustainable Development of Harokopio University presented “Cultural routes”

Stathis Grapsas, Motivator – Director of National Theater of Athens in prison facilities presented “Social Reintegration: A challenge from any perspective.”

Fenia Pistofdou, Project Manager KEAN, “The Comm.On Heritage project and Cultural Heritage”

3rd Transnational Meeting in Slovenia

During 18-20th October 2021, the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting community manager for Inclusive Development of Vulnerable Areas based on heritage, entitled was held in Idrija, Slovenia.

At the transnational meeting, partners presented and discussed:
-the finalized Intellectual Output 1
-the dissemination of the future outputs. 
Idrija2020 presented challenges and future plan of Geotrail as well as the design and implementation of the IO3, IO4 and the Hackathon were discussed. The partners had the opportunity to visit the Geaotrail created at Idrija.
The 3rd Transnational Meeting was a great opportunity to deepen national experiences and meet local stakeholders

4th Transnational Meeting in Italy

During 6th-8th April 2022, the Final Transnational Pro-ject Meeting community manager for Inclusive Devel-opment of Vulnerable Areas based on heritage, was held in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

On first day of the project meeting, partners met with Mr. Fulvio Bucci and Mrs. Marta Andrei, community managers of the area who shared their experiences on community management. They discussed on the final results of the project outputs and decided about the last details.
Partners had the opportunity to visit Castelnovo ne ‘Monti and meet 2 community managers who present-ed them local experiences and best practices of the lo-cal area. Of course, they visit a local association “Latteria sociale di Carnola” and had the opportunity to see how the most famous local product “Parmesan Cheese” is produced, and later they had a guided tour from professional guide of the area at “Pietra di Bis-mantova” .

The Final Transnational Meeting was a great opportunity to deepen national experiences and meet local stake-holders.




Community cooperatives as a tool for new local development process

Lecture and workshop by Jacopo Sforzi (Euricse)

Community-based Enterprises are organizations where the community acts both as an entrepreneur and as an enterprise to pursue multiple goals and activities capable of satisfying local needs and demands. In these enterprises the social foundation lies in the community and their impact is limited to a given location (e.g. a small village or a neighborhood) (Peredo and Chrisman, 2006; Vázquez-Barquero, 2003; Somerville and McElwee, 2011; Mori and Sforzi, 2018). In Italy, Community-based Enterprises are a grassroots phenomenon. They are the result of an intentional dynamic process developed by local actors that decided to implement different collective initiatives and cooperative strategies to provide new and shared solutions to emerging needs both in marginalized rural communities and in urban neighborhoods struggling with different severe social and economic problems (declining population, lack of services, abandoned areas, etc.).

Some of the main points of the training could be summed up:


Lecture and workshop by Giulia Cassano and Michele Asta (Social Seed)

Community Management: a practice-based approach

Community management discourse has been based on defining the role from a traditional point of view, identifying specific sets of hard and soft skills. Our approach starts from analysing not only competencies, but also the working practice and how the role of people and teams evolve day by day learning from each other. The workshop was conducted with a theoretical introduction and an interactive lab.

Some of the main points of the training could be summed up:

30/11/2020 h. 10:30- 12:00 CET

Workshop of Local Experiences

What are the reasons behind the birth of a community_enterprise? Who is a social entrepreneur and who is a community manager? These are some of the questions we were invited to elaborate in training.

Lorenza Manfredi from L’Ovile Cooperativa Sociale presented local experiences from the Reggio Emilia Apennine.




Lecture and workshop with Madalena Victorino (Lavrar o Mar)

THE DANCES OF THE DAYS, under the restless fire of creativity

A lecture to reveal a participatory artistic practice that extends to populations less favoured and

more distant from cultural activity, led by artists who let themselves be enchanted by the sharing of

the artistic thing, when it mingles with real life materials.

Multiple examples were presented, where this idea takes very different approaches and where

principles such as access to the arts, the valorisation of individual and local knowledge, the

happiness of collective creation and a sense of community, even if temporary, have unequivocal expressions.

Madalena Victorino shared with us her valuable experience and showed how art can be used to bring knowledge to the communities and make them independent so that they can become active and participate in the change of things.


How to involve local communities in participatory cultural activities?

Presentation by partner organizations L’OVILE, IDRIJA 2020, KEAN, PAOLA

All the partners presented their project ideas to explore the information and materials resulting from Part 1 and to discuss ideas / possible solutions to be applied locally to:

Madalena Victorino from Lavrar o Mar travelled us to the world of dance, merging together art and inclusion, building on our ideas.

Quoting her words:

“Ideas are presents. Accept the challenges, make beautiful projects, work with passion and generousity and be open!




The C3 Training Activity, about the value in cultural heritage, was conducted

We learned about good practices from heritage-rich Idrija and about the award-winning TBI Method by Drejc Kokošar from partner organisation Idrija 2020 + ID20 Idrija 2020 Association.

Idrija 2020 Association presented good practices in Municipality of Idrija.

 Main themes of the training:

1) Collective trademark Idrija Selected -> presented by Valerija Božič, director of Idrija Tourism Board

2) Idrija Žlikrofi festival, main gastronomy festival in Idrija Region -> presented by Tilen Božič, leader of the festival

3) Bikepark Idrija, fresh-launched community-based project -> presented by Miha Tratnik Bajc, leader of the project (Association Za konc tedna)

4) Reuse of the traditional Miners’ houses -> presented by Matevž Šlabnik, Idrija 2020 Association


Lecture by Drejc Kokošar (Idrija 2020) + QA Session

We took a look at the methods, used to discover unpolished diamonds in the local area. In 2016 an award-winning workshop by Idrija 2020 Association was organized on the future of Idrija, where 30 young people from 7 countries suggested the future vision of Idrija. We‘ll find out about the method used and ideas developed through the project. The lecture will be important as the TBI Method will be also used for development of the hackathon activity in beginning of the 2022.

WORKSHOP: TBI Method in heritage-rich rural area

As TBI method was mainly aimed at the urban area, we talked about how the methodology should adapt to include rural areas and vulnerable groups. Participants worked in special ZOOMM breakout-rooms and had the possibility to use digital tools.

Madalena Victorino shared with us her valuable experience and showed how art can be used to bring knowledge to the communities and make them independent so that they can become active and participate in the change of things.


The C3 Traning Activity and Workshop, was conducted on Tuesday 24th November

Social innovation and cultural heritage

Lecture by: Urban Šlabnik (Idrija 2020)

We took a look at interesting business models with focus on the cultural heritage. We also talked about social innovation and social innovation spiral, which will be later developed through the toolkit in 2021. The lecture also included good practices with inclusion of vulnerable groups. After the lecture a debate followed.

Digital tools and promotion

Lecture by: Drejc Kokošar

Which digital tools should be used by community manager for developing new ideas and designating new business and touristic initiatives? In this short lecture we dealed with many interesting tools that are now popular worldwide.

WORKSHOP: In the workshop we talked about the use of tools for promotion, including the tools needed to implement planned hackathon.


All the partners presented their areas of intervention using the #TBI_method presented by #Idrija2020. A mental journey to beautiful Idrija, its history, and the stories of local people was made. Moreover, we digitally traveled to Regio_Emilia in Italy, the Melides_community in Portugal, the Lassithi_Plateau in Crete-Greece, and Paola_town in Malta!