A Slovenian platform showing the way for tourism after the COVID-19
 Guest: Rudi Medved

Idrija 2020 invited to their podcast Rudi Medved, a student of the Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistika in Portorož, Slovenia. They talked about the successful LocalsFromZero platform, which has just become part of the global story, the Fairbnb cooperative portal.

The year 2019 was a record year for Slovenian tourism. The highest number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays was recorded in tourist accommodation establishments. The tourism sector was entirely paralysed by the COVID-19 epidemic year later. But this brings new opportunities for post-COVID tourism. In Slovenia, we can find many innovative individuals and organisations.

Guest Rudi Medved coordinates local tourism providers, organises educational workshops and leads the podcast TourismFromZero. In a 20-minute interview, he explains more about the trends in tourism. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, many things have changed. Digital nomadism and minimalism have become new trends.

Rudi Medved also highlights how young people view tourism: “Younger people look at sustainability differently. We are aware of the importance of climate change as we grew up with it. However, we need to think also about its sociological and economic aspects.”

He also mentioned significant changes soon awaiting the #LocalsFromZero platform. They will join the start-up project Fairbnb, a fair version of the much better known Airbnb platform.

LINK: https://anchor.fm/odstrta-dediscina/episodes/Slovenska-platforma–ki-nakazuje-smernice-turizma-po-epidemiji–Gost-Rudi-Medved-e1cq12n

Discovering a village of culture in Slovenia | Guest: Andrej Černelc

In the latest episode of the podcast by the Idrija 2020 Association, we’re exploring a region in the eastern part of Slovenia, Kozjansko. Urša Mihevc talked to Andrej Černelec, a Bistrica ob Sotli Youth Association representative, organising various cultural events in a small municipality on the border with Croatia.

Bistrica ob Sotli is one of the smaller municipalities in Slovenia, with 1336 residents. It is best known for the pilgrimage mountain, which is also interesting from an art-historical point of view. In the centre of the municipality, a club Metulj has been operating since 1996 and later grew into a youth centre with a strong emphasis on cultural events for young people.

Andrej Černelc is one of the leading forces in the Bistrica ob Sotli Youth Association. We talked about whether young people are really more passive than in previous decades. He also explains why music (especially rock) is crucial for young people’s identity and the meaning of the LGBTQ+ movement in rural areas.

Andrej Černelc stresses Cultural Heritage as an important catalyst for strengthening the local population’s identity. An authentic experience is something that also shapes young people. As Andrej Černelc says: “Heritage is visible, but it is much more beautiful if someone guides you to experience it.«

LINK: https://anchor.fm/odstrta-dediscina/episodes/Odkrivamo-vas-kulture-na-Kozjanskem–Gost-Andrej-ernelc-e1bfabn

Building a better and inclusive local community

Nava Vardjan is a managing director of the Dobra Pot Institute, which explores new approaches in cultural heritage in the area of Brkini and Kras, Western Slovenia. In the episode, she explained why cultural heritage is full of undiscovered opportunities, especially for tourism and youth empowerment.

As Nava Vardjan explained:

 »When we work with cultural heritage, we focus on the past, how our ancestors lived, and so on. A certain kind of nostalgia is often present. But we don’t stop here and draw from its new approaches. How can the past help us to understand the present and build a better future?

Listen to the podcast here

Cultural Routes

Interview with Mrs Roido Mitoula, professor in the department Economy and Sustainable Development of Harokpio University talked about cultural routes.

In 20 minutes long podcast Roido Mitoula analyses the value of cultural heritage and explains the importance of the cultural tourism and the development of digital cultural routes.  


Listen to the podcast here

Involving vulnerable groups in Cultural Heritage

Interview with Mr Stathis Grapsas,  Motivator – Director of the National Theater of Greece talked about the Social Reintegration: A Challenge from any perspective.

Listen to the podcast here in English language.

Business Models in Cultural Heritage

Interview with Mr. Nicholas Karachalis, an expert in the field of cultural and tourism strategies talked about the business model for cultural heritage.

In 22 minutes long podcast episode in Greek language, Nicholas Karachalis also explains the practices, expressions, knowledge, skills that communities, recognize as part of their cultural heritage.

Listen to the podcast here

Where is value in Cultural Heritage?

Interview with Kaja Antlej, a renowned Slovenian researcher in the field of the cultural heritage, talked about her work in the city Geelong, Australia.

A city, which was in the past famous for its industry, has become a part of UNESCO Creative Cities Network and is investing a lot of resources in the renewal of the industrial heritage.

In 20 minutes long podcast episode in Slovenian language Kaja Antlej also explains about her projects, combining heritage and virtual reality, which bring completely different perception of the cultural heritage value!

Listen to the podcast here

Where is Value in Cultural Heritage?

Interview with Mr. Plevrakis, the General Secretary of the Municipality of Lassithi Plateau.

In Mr. Plevrakis’s words:

“The restoration of Lassithi Plateau’s windmills with perforated sails is the perfect example of what we can do for heritage – but also for our European identity, contributing to a sense of belonging. We all need to keep working together to help communities and citizens take ownership of our heritage, make it part of our daily lives, and preserve it for generations to come.”

You can listen to the podcast of the interview here (Greek version)

Where is value in Cultural heritage?

Interview with António Lamas, an emeritus professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico (Engineering School of Lisbon University) where he taught, among others, Recovery of Built Heritage, who shared his views about creating value from cultural heritage.

You can listen to the podcast of the interview here (Portuguese version)