ECONOMY: New Job opportunities The project aims to reopen the Ligonchio bakery to provide a basic service to local inhabitants, tourists, restaurants, hotels and shops. The service will have a new and young design. It is an opportunity for the employment of new workers to create artisanal and quality products that enhance the local territory […]


ECONOMY: New Job opportunities The idea is to develop the sustainable tourism of the local area by digitalizing the cultural elements and the activities in order to create new opportunities for young people specialized in this area who wants to return to their communities.

Ecosystem Services

ECONOMY: New funds for remote areas Define arrangements for the Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) to reward those whose lands provide local environmental services (e.g. forest conservation). An online platform will be created to calculate the carbon footprint of tourists and to allow for voluntary payments for the carbon sequestration and landscape beauty, to be […]

Hill Agrotourism

New Job opportunities Agritourism in the hills, providing a distinct offer related to the local traditions, including in particular workshops on local food, workshops on traditional music, workshops on traditional pottery, to engage the tourists in genuine and shared experiences… The local population (e.g. cooks, musicians, craftsmen/craftswomen, local cultural associations) will be directly involved in […]

A sustainable Restaurant

New job opportunities The area of Lajšt is an unofficial centre of the Upper Idrijca Landscape Park. The whole park has a potential for development, which must be based on sustainable approaches. The idea of a gastronomy centre builds on the 100-years long tradition of the place for resting and relaxation of the whole municipality. […]