Forest Community

SPACE: New opportunities for existing spaces Forest contracts are expected to be made between private owners of abandoned land with the collaboration of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park. The networked management of private forest and land would benefit the territory and correct management can be enhanced by the sale of carbon credits by the National […]

Art and Forest

SPACE: New opportunities for existing spaces The idea is to create inclusive artistic itineraries with stations of interest in nature near Ligonchio and neighboring villages. The aim is to establish a widespread museum of natural art with art installations placed on the paths in the forest. There are already some works made in natural art, […]


SPACE: New opportunities for existing spaces Taking the examples of Idrija 2020, the Municipality decided to renovate some public spaces, not been used a long time and create open public spaces where people of the community can meet and work on community management.

District Experience

New opportunities for existing spaces Balinplac is a colloquial name for the former bowling area, recently transformed into a new park. With a new living area concept, the place should become the centre of the oldest district in Idrija. Becoming a shelter for the local community, a meeting place, and a creative place will connect […]