A sustainable Restaurant

Local gastronomy and other offer in the centre of the Upper Idrijca Landscape Park

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    • Upper Idrijca Landscape Park, Idrija, Slovenia

New job opportunities

The area of Lajšt is an unofficial centre of the Upper Idrijca Landscape Park. The whole park has a potential for development, which must be based on sustainable approaches.

The idea of a gastronomy centre builds on the 100-years long tradition of the place for resting and relaxation of the whole municipality. The gastronomical offer would be based on the local cuisine and upgrading the tourist offer to fit more demanding visitors. Funding for the project would be focused on the larger European grants (e.g. Interreg).

Photo: Tina Brgant, study exhibition “Landscape park – from Podroteja to Lajšt”

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