Festival »Teleferika«

Intercultural and intergenerational festival to connect past, present and future generations

    • Participation and Inclusion
    • Ft
    • Mejca Park, Idrija, Slovenia

Engaging remote living residents, including vulnerable groups

Park Mejca is an recreational centre in Idrija at the crossroads between urban area and nature. The Teleferika Festival will be focused completely on local stories, its heritage. The name of the festival comes from »teleferika«, a former freight ropeway for transporting mercury.

Festival Teleferika will be a set of events with a common theme  – stories of the past, present and future of the Mejca Park. Potential events include »Špancir« sensory experience in the nature for people with disabilities, a forest kindergarten and music workshop for immigrants.

Photo: Natalie Rupnik

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